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Sara Murray, RDN, LDN, CSR

I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and a Board Certified Renal (Kidney) Nutrition Specialist. When I initially pursued a career in nutrition I was drawn to the idea that something as basic as food could have such a profound effect on health. Now my goal is to provide my clients with the most up-to-date nutrition advice backed by science, so they can feel empowered around food (even if they have a chronic disease). 

I was born and raised in north Florida and now reside in central Florida with my husband, son, and dog. I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Environmental Studies, then attended the University of North Florida for my Nutrition degree and graduated summa cum laude. I then completed my internship with Mayo Clinic and now have a private practice based out of Mount Dora, Florida.

Working as a dietitian, I see that most people have a basic understanding of nutrition, but putting this information into practice is challenging. My objective when working with clients is to help them sort through barriers and habits to build new relationships with food rooted in balance, health, and the principle that eating can and should be enjoyable. For me, that means embracing health, creating a place for all foods, and focusing on mindful eating.

I have a passion for helping individuals manage their health and reach their goals through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I strongly believe that mindset is the most important part to making any change and that education is what empowers you to make informed decisions. I believe that food is meant to be enjoyed and that you can achieve your goals without living on lettuce!

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